Associative Swipe (Home button) v4.0.0 [Unlocked] APK [Latest]

Associative Swipe (Home button)
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Associative Swipe (Home button)

Get the maximum out of your android device!
Just swipe to launch a selected action. It is so easy.

The available gestures are:
– Click
– Double click
– Long press

– Swipe up
– Swipe left
– Swipe right
– Swipe up left
– Swipe up right
– Swipe far up

– Swipe up then down
– Swipe left then back
– Swipe right then back
– Swipe up left then back
– Swipe up right then back

You can invoke these actions with gestures:
– Back
– Home
– Recent apps
– Notification
– Quick Settings
– Play next track
– Handy tools panel

– Power dialog (Android 5+)
– Split screen (Android 7+)
– Lock screen

– Volume panel
– Mode vibration
– Mode silent

– Play previous track
– Launch camera
– Launch web browser
– Launch assistant
– Voice command

This app uses the Device Administrator permission:
– BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: only used to lock device screen and turn off the screen of your device.
– CAMERA: to turn on flashligh.

This app uses Accessibility service only for the following functions:
– Back,
– Quick settings,
– Recent apps,
– Split screen,
– Power dialog,
– Show notifications panel.

What’s New

New actions:
– Volume panel
– Web search

Premium Features Unlocked



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