Beyblade Burst Rivals Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Beyblade Burst Rivals takes a familiar look at the ever-growing world of three matches. This time every game you play is important because you do not score points, you're trying to overthrow someone else's Beyblade. How to become a Byeblader teacher? Well, these tips should make you turn in the right direction.

  • You know what you're doing. Although the gameplay for Beyblade Burst Rivals is based on the combination of three or more, this does not mean that you should combine at least three for the sake of it. Each emblem represents a different skill, whether it deals direct damage to the opponent or more resistance to make your Bey turn longer, every game counts. So, if you're trying to survive an opponent, matching the yellow resistance symbols will help you get a victory this way.

  Beyblade Burst Rivals

  • Find the difference. Although every fight may seem similar, there are subtle differences that, if you notice, can help you win much more easily and faster. If you find that an opponent has a low amount of resistance, then it would make sense to try to deal with them by combining the symbols of resistance. If you notice that the opponent's Burst bar is rather small, then it would make sense to match the burst symbols and win by knocking down your opponents Bey.
  • Know your types of Bey. There are three types of Beyblade, blue means mental attack, orange means resistance and green means defense. Every Bey is stronger against one type of Bey and vulnerable to another. So the Beyblades, who have an attack mentality, do particularly well against Beys who are based on resistance. Stamina The Beys can survive the good defensive and mental attacks, some are not effective against the defensive Beys. I know, very confusing to explain it, so I hope the picture below helps you make sense of this.

  Beyblade Burst Rivals   Beyblade Burst Rivals

  • Get a Daily Bey Box. Every day you have the chance to open a box containing a guaranteed four or four-star Bey. This is good because it could mean that you are adding a precious Bey to your team. Therefore, it is worth spending your time to log in every day and open this box from the store.
  • Sell your crystals. Every time you win a fight, sell a Beyblade or complete some challenges, you will gain some crystals. If you can save up to 700, you can open a Gold Bey box, which offers you a five-star Bey. Now the law of averages means that not everyone will be able to get a five-star Beyblade from this box, but it would seriously change your game if I could. If you want to save your crystals, there is a box that has a guaranteed five-star Bey, but it will cost you 12,000 crystals.

  Beyblade Burst Rivals   Beyblade Burst Rivals

  • Check your challenges. Beyblade Burst Rivals has three sets of challenges to complete; weekly, monthly and daily challenges. Completing these challenges will earn you prizes and if you complete the set you will earn another bonus. So, keep an eye on these challenges because it will give you something to do.
  • Update your Beys. Every time you win a battle, your team's Beys will earn XP. Once they have enough XP accumulated, they will be eligible for the upgrade. If you can not wait to collect XP, you can use the crystals for the update. Sometimes you will unlock a four-star Beyblade that is worse than those currently in use because it has not been updated. Do not worry, or grind a little to update it or use your crystals to save time.

  Beyblade Burst Rivals   Beyblade Burst Rivals

  • Always have a box to open. It is very likely that when you open the boxes you will find the duplicates of the Beyblades you have already received. These duplicates can rarely be a little better, but most of the time it's just something to sell or clog up your inventory. So you should always have an excess of boxes to open to neutralize all the duplicates you will get. Remember, all the boxes purchased from the store can be opened immediately.