Dragalia Lost: How To Earn Bronze, Silver and Gold Emblems

Dragalia Lost: How To Earn Bronze, Silver and Gold Emblems

Dragalia Lost has three different emblems that can be reached by completing several raids. The collection point for these emblems is to purchase specific items such as gold crystals, dragon fruit and evocation vouchers. In many video games, the bronze and silver loot is normally obsolete plus games. However, in Dragalia Lost you can exchange emblems for Summon Vouchers, which allow you to get some of the best characters in the game.

Just talk about why you should earn the emblems, now it's time to tell you the effective ways to earn the three different types of emblems.

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Bronze Emblems

I can tell you immediately that if you want to earn some emblems you should select the Assault mission on Archeole, which is a battle with the boss. It does not matter how hard you fight because every difficulty will reward you with bronze emblems. If you want to maximize the number of bronze emblems you get in each successful battle, choose the hardest difficulty to handle. The higher the difficulty, the more emblems you will earn.

Another way to earn a lot of bronze emblems is to enter the Storm Sentinel Clash with the difficulty imposed on an expert. So, you want to press Co-op and click on "find a room". This is because you want to save your resistance to create a room by earning silver and gold fragments in the Hypnos Showdown search.

Silver Emblems

 Dragalia Lost   Dragalia Lost [19659007] To get the silver emblems, you will have to complete the Phraeganoth Clash mission, which is a raid battle. Again, the same rule applies to gain the most emblems, which means the greater the difficulty, the greater the number of emblems you earn. However, at this level, it may not be worth spending time fighting on Expert. This is because it may take too long to complete the raid, or work hard to earn all three stars. Therefore, it may be more efficient to complete this research on the standard several times rather than an expert a couple of times.

As I said above, if you organize a Hypnos Showdown search on standards, this will give you many more silver shards it might even give you some gold. But the main focus on this step is silver, so keep the difficulty on the standard.

Gold Emblems

After earning many silver and bronze emblems in Dragalia Lost, you will want to focus more on the collection of gold emblems. It is worth pointing out that if you do not have a good team then you will find it difficult to cultivate gold emblems, as you will have to beat the levels on expert

 Dragalia Lost   Dragalia Lost [19659007] If you play Hypnos Showdown on an expert, you will earn gold emblems and unlock the extra raid that will reward you with a fair amount of gold emblems. The difficulty of the extra raid is special, so if you struggle for an expert, this could be a little further from your reach. At this point in the game, you will need to use your energy wisely and try to reach the maximum number of permits for the emblems. This means that although you can choose any level to try and earn some gold, I recommend grinding it several times to avoid wasting energy.