Dungeon Maker: Dark Lord is on sale now

The rather exclusive Dungeon Maker: Dark Lord has just gone on sale for iOS and Android devices. Get an economic copy today!

What is it?

Dungeon Maker: Dark Lord is best described as a mash-up of different genres. These genres include tower defense, strategy, rogue-like gameplay and all complemented by card game elements.

The gameplay consists of selecting a boss and having a dungeon with nine rooms in front of you. In the beginning, most of the rooms are empty, so the "heroes" of the game find it easy to get to the boss (you). This is where you create your dungeon by adding traps and minions to defend yourself at all costs.

  Dungeon Maker

The elements of the card game keep the game fresh as cards may not always be in your interest.

Am I the bad guy?

Yes, in Dungeon Maker: Dark Lord you have a new approach to dungeon crawling, creating the dungeon that others have to crawl through. But it's not as easy as sitting down and watching your henchmen do the job. Each boss has a unique attack and other abilities that can be unlocked and updated.

 Dungeon Maker   Dungeon Maker

The aim of the game is simple in principle, to make a Dungeon that no hero can ever escape. There are seven Dark Lords to choose from and more than 100 different monsters and heroes to unlock, so you will not be short of things to do soon.

Why not take a copy of Dungeon Maker: Dark Lord from the App Store or Google Play.

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