Facetune 1.1.4 Full Unlocked Apk [Latest]


Facetune for Android is a powerful portrait and selfie photo editor, capable of transforming your normal selfie photo into sparkling one as they appear on famous magazine covers.

Each picture is beautiful or not depending on a lot of factors. However, everything can change if there is an interference of technology. That is a reason why the character’s image on the cover of the magazine is always the most shimmering and wonderful. Perhaps you think that advanced Photoshop editing is only possible on the computer and by a professional hand.
So now, you have to think again when using Facetune. This is a powerful, professional photo editing tool that turns your portrait photos into a whole new level of art.

For example, users can easily remove facial imperfection such as dark circles around the eyes, acne, freckles, make face smaller, glittering eyes … and natural makeup effects. This tool even has the ability to whiten teeth, add lip color, edit smile fresher … With Facetune, you will always have a radiant face in the photos. If only seeing the photo edited by Facetune, nobody would believe that it was taken by a cell phone.

Feature Facetune for Android

1. Have perfect smile
– You can adjust the smile fresher by adjusting the size, shape of the mouth.
– Use a tooth whitening tool.
2. Beautify skin
– Smooth, brighten and rejuvenate your skin.
– Lighten dark circles under the eyes with a concealer.
– Removes blemishes on the face such as acne, scar.
3. Glittering eyes
– Eyes are the window of soul and also the soul of the image, so pay attention to edit the eyes so             beautiful, deep and attractive.
– Change your eye color.
– Remove red or white-eye effects.
4. Do hair
– You can turn back time and change hair color.
– Add hair to thinning or balding areas.
– Remove stray hairs.
5. Adjust the face shape
– Refine face for slim, edit shape of the jaw.
– Raise cheek bones and eyebrows.
– Edit nose high and slim.
– Zoom in or out on a specific area of ​​the photo.
– Transform any facial location that creates humor or unfamiliarity.
6. Makeup for face
– Apply any favorite color to pink cheek and eye powder.
– Add color to eyelashes and edit the shape of the eyebrow.
– Add color to your lips.
– Add intensity to your most natural lip color.
– Make your skin smooth by applying a concealer.
7. Other editing functions
– Choose focus (focus) on your face or wherever you want by diverging or blurring the background.
– Improve lighting or add special effects.
– Create custom filters.
– Add unique structure and frame customization.
– Rotate image.
– Flip image to create reflection effect like in a mirror.
– Add artistic effects to make the photo the most impressive and stylish.
– Image editor with optional filters applied to the entire image or area of ​​the image.
8. Share easily
– Share photos quickly and directly on social networks or by email to show them to friends and family       members.



Facetune 1.1.4 Full Unlocked Apk / Mirror

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