Google Camera v7.2.014.278150624 Cracked APK is Here ! [Latest]

Google Camera

Google Camera captures quick and easy photos and videos, and takes advantage of your Android device’s computing power with image enhancing features like HDR+, Lens Blur, Wide Angle, Panorama and Photo Sphere.


• Simple Interface – Capture photos and video quickly with Google Camera’s simple and intuitive interface
• Lens Blur – Manipulate the camera’s depth of field using Lens Blur to focus on the subject in the foreground and blur the background; great for portraits and selfies
• Photo Stitching – Create amazing 360° Photo Sphere, panoramas, wide angle and fisheye image captures with Google’s photo stitching technology developed for Google Maps
• Video – Shoot video and simultaneously capture stills just by tapping on the screen
• Android Wear – Control the camera from a distance
• HDR+ – Use the HDR+ (High Dynamic Range) setting to improve images captured in low light, and backlit scenes (only available on Nexus 5 and Nexus 6)


• Works on phones and tablets running Android 4.4+ KitKat and above
• Photo Sphere and Panorama require a gyro sensor (not available on Moto G)
• Photo Sphere, Panorama, and Lens Blur require at least 1 gigabyte of memory
• Android L Developer Preview (LPV79) users: Google Camera app will not work on this early preview build. Only final factory system images are supported.


  •  Night Sight and Panorama mode have swapped places.
  • Smart Burst mode disabled for Pixel 3/3XL
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Google Kamera (Free, Google Play) →

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