Homescapes complete walkthrough - How to complete all the levels in the game

Homescapes complete walkthrough – How to complete all the levels in the game

Level 1 Collect 12 lamps – Do not just focus on matching lamps, match the others to clear the board
-You can create combinations by matching four or more identical elements Level 2 [19659002] Collect 16 cups and collect 16 books – The characters in this game are easier to make then Gardenscapes
– Combining the combos translates into a much better explosion.
-Using the rockets below have more effect higher Level 3 Collect 20 cups and collect 20 lamps -Do not use an upgrade immediately as soon as you get it, try to combine them
-This initial level already has a lot of combos, take your time to identify them Level 4 Collect 25 buttons: the detection of four objects in a square gives you an enhancement of the plan paper.
– There is a combined paper plane in each corner
Combines a paper plane with another upgrade. Level 5 Collect 35 cups and collect 25 Books -Use Rainbow Ball to remove the edge of an object
-Use a Rainbow Ball to collect books and one to collect cups Level 6 Lay 98 Carpets -Create combos on the carpet to spread it
-Combos also spreads the carpet
-The first move on the third stage should be to combine the bomb and the rocket Level 7 Lay 73 Carpets -Use Paper Planes
-Bombs and rockets are more effective at the beginning
-It does not move the corresponding three belts if all the pieces are on the mat Level 8 Lay 68 Carpets -Test combo close to the chained objects to free them
-Take the carpet as soon as possible, then start to spread it
-Do not move rockets on already carpeted areas
-Explosions break also the chains Level 9 [19659002] Lay 69 Carpets -The hammer that lights up unlocks any card you want, it can also spread the carpet
-Use the rainbow ball on the most chained element
-Focus on the unleashed objects and the carpet will follow
-Use a rainbow ball in power for absolute chaos Level 10 Collect 30 lamps and collect 30 buttons -Combine the power-ups below
-Focus objects to free the board
-You do not have to free any single object, even if it helps Level 11 [19659002] Lay 67 Carpets and Collect 60 lamps -Go to the Carpet ASAP
-Repeat first half of the board
– Freeze the chained objects
– Save the Rainbow Ball for when there is a light in the vicinity.
-Collect the lamps at the end, the carpet is your main objective Level 12 Collect 20 cherries -Find the combo again next to the jelly to open it
-Once again, the combos will do more damage and then combine three
-Use Paper Planes to pick up the last cherries Level 13 Collect 26 cherries -Th gelatinous jelly requires two combos to break
– Combine the combos are very effective here
– Save rockets and bombs to combine or damage the jelly Level 14 Collect 32 cherries -Focus on the jelly with Cherries inside, the rest is eliminated anyway
-There are three phases, then quickly passes to the first two
-Combos will quickly delete the board Level 15 Lay 74 Carpets [19659003] -Free the chained objects
-Use the rockets to spread rapidame The carpet
-Focus on the carpet on the bottom, then on the top Level 16 Arrange the 72 carpets and collect 25 buttons [19659003] -Parità is to delete the chained objects and roll out the carpet
-Use rockets to remove objects and lay the carpet
-Restart the rockets for a chain of explosions Level 17 Collect 17 cherries [19659003] -Delete one side of the board and use the combos
-The characters at the bottom of the board are more useful when objects have been released
-Use paper airplanes with other explosives for massive damage Level 18 Collect 3 donuts -Complete combos in the bottom of the table is the most effective way to move the donut
-The center is shorter than the edges
-Paper Planes points a random piece in the column of a donut [19659051] Level 19 Collect 7 Donuts -Your priority is to delete the chained objects
-Many donuts are generated after collecting some
-Use bombs in the middle of the board Level 20 [19659002] Collect 1 donut -The level flows downward while you move the donut
-Try to keep the donut in the center
-Use the rockets in the same column of the donut Level 21 Lay 76 Carpets and Collect 50 books -First, undoing the elements
-Second, laying the carpet
-Three, collecting books
-Use explosives when they are on the carpet
-Save explosives for ra chain Level 22 Lay 72 Carpets -Barries of boxes creating combos next to them
-You have to lower the boxes to spread the carpet
-Dress down one side of the board of directors, use the p-combo er release the other Level 23 Collect 6 donuts – Clear the sides, then the center
-Three donuts in one stage, three in the other
-Second the board is similar, first deletes the sides
-Use Rainbow Balls on the power-ups Level 24 Collect 40 lamps and collect 40 books -Focus the boxes first
-Use the power-ups when they are neighbors to cause a chain of explosions
-Save some power-ups to clear the board faster Level 25 Lay 84 Carpets -Don't worry about the shape of the board, the wind is only there to discourage you
-The upgrading of the upgrades will quickly spread the carpet
-Do not use power-ups if you do not smear the carpet Level 26 [19659002] Collect 26 Cherries and Collect 55 Papillon – Once again the wind is looking for to discourage you
-Rake up the combos and let the bombs move along the board, causing them to explode when they are near the jelly
-Use the wind to your advantage
-Focus gelatine, then collect the cherries [19659074] Level 27 Collect 4 donuts -Delect the left side of most boxes, then the center
-Then make combos and use the explosions to clean up the rest
-Leave the donut in top right up to the last, use power ups to eliminate it Level 28 Lay down 78 rugs and collect 5 donuts -Close boxes to find a rainbow ball, save it for an opportune moment (if you combine it two together completely erase the chessboard)
-Take your time, do not move in life
-You do not need to delete every single one of the boxes, focus on how to lower the donuts [19659080] Level 29 Collect 19 Cherries – Delete the left side of the board
– Use power up to break into the right side
– Feel the patient, it takes a while to do dents on the right side
-Use Paper Planes to attack the right
-This is not an easy level, you should take your time before committing to a move Level 30 Collect 32 cherries and Lay 75 carpets -Use the power-ups when they are on the carpet
-Save a bomb or rocket in the middle of the board, merge the two at the bottom to clear the corners
– Collect the cherries first, laying the carpet is easy when the jelly is gone Level 31 Collect 3 donuts -The cookies are reset by creating matches near them
-The rockets will break on the first cookie that hit, do not base on rockets to delete cookies
-Tools will delete many cookies
-Your focus should be to move the donuts and clear the board Level 32 Collect 42 cookies -Clear the boxes first
-After cleing some cookies, new elements will be generated over cookies
-Save the Rainbow Ball for the next stages of the level
-Combine the Rainbow Ball with an enhancement for maximum effect Level 33 Collect 40 buttons and collect 2 donuts -Seat the chains first
-Combine a vertical rocket with a paper plane to collect the donut
-The paper planes will go to the boxes of cardboard and any object immediately under the donut
-Collecting the donuts should be a priority, even the combos are important
-Do not neglect the collection of buttons, collect little and often Level 34 Collect 20 cherries -Delete the chains will free up the board
-Combina a bomb with a paper plane to collect a lot of cherries
-Combina the Rainbow Sphere with a empowering to clear the board
-It is not necessary to remove all chains, only those that block gelatin Level 35 Collect 26 Cheries [19659003] – Once again, combines a rainbow ball with an upgrade
: use the bombs when they are in the middle of the board, or when they are close to a lot of jelly
-Ideally, you want to have 20+ turns for the second level level
– This part of the level is inconvenient to clarify, the best way to eliminate it is to continue creating combinations of four and five until you finally manage to create a Rainbow Ball. Combine the ball with an upgrade to free the jelly Level 36 Lay 75 Carpets and Collect 26 Cookies -At the end of the level, continue to create combos next to cookies in the middle
-Save some power-ups for when you have spread carpets
-You will have to move the focus, first collect the biscuits, then roll out the carpet, then collect the last biscuits.
-Use paper planes to spread an uncomfortable carpet, or to collect random cookies Level 37 Collect 6 donuts and Lay 81 Carpets -You will need a Rainbow Ball to spread the carpet on the central column
-The best tactic is to save the Rainbow Ball and take a bomb next to it, this will spread every carpet
-After laying the carpet, do not use power-ups that do not help you collect the donuts
-Your papier-mâché can be used to collect donuts Level 38 Collect 17 cherries -Parriage should be to clear the chains
-Delete one side of the board then the l other
-The weapons are good to lighten the jelly, try to bring bombs to the bottom of the board Level 39 Break 23 Boxes -The level is two-stage, so the first is clear as soon as possible
-Combina the Rainbow Sphere with an upgrade to free the boxes that are out of reach Level 40 Collect 42 cookies -Save the Rainbow Explosion, combine with a power up
– Finish the first level ASAP
-For the second stage, use power-ups at the bottom of the board to free it
-Do not use the rockets if you do not empty the boxes
-A level difficult to finish with any remaining shifts [19659115] Level 41 Collect 4 donuts -First level with portals. Imagine if the chessboard was connected like a puzzle piece.
-Do the combos in the lower part of the blue plank
-Do not concentrate on the chessboard with the orange portals Level 42 Break 33 Boxes and Collect 2 donuts -You will have to break the central box on all cards
-Use a feeder to empty some boxes
-Combine paper planes with bombs to quickly empty the crates
-Have some paper planes for chain reactions
-Keep the eyes on the donut, just make moves that will make combos or move the donut Level 43 Lay 69 Carpets -Work on one side of the board
-Care the boxes in the upper half, then come down
-Try and save the rainbow ball, it will help you finish. Or use it to clean up a lot of boxes
-Take your time with this level, it's difficult to end up with any reserve move
-not activate bombs that will not help you roll out the carpet Level 44 Collect 13 Cherries and Collect 65 Flakes – Focus by unleashing the first part of the board
– Combine the paper airplanes with other upgrades
– Focus the card and collect the cherries, the bows are low priority
– You must combine a rainbow ball with an upgrade level 45 collect 20 cherries – the first move can create a rainbow ball
-Try and combine power ups
-You can end up with reserve, use these turns to make large combos Level 46 Lay 136 Carpets -Fasten the boxes first, then spread the carpet between the two areas
-Once the carpet is laid in the middle, start to spread the board up and down
-Finish the sides and the top before working on the bottom
-You want t about 20 moves for the second level of the level
-You have to combine power ups on the carpet to lay down very low
-This part of the board is more open, uses the combos wisely Level 47 Collect 40 cookies and lay 85 carpets -Focus the carpet
– The bombs can quickly spread the carpet
-The cookies can be collected without even trying, for example when combining combos Level 48 Collect 4 donuts -This level is carried out by the wind, do not let this will discourage you
-Console the combos to push to the end, then use a chain reaction to eliminate a lot of items
-Combine power ups for massive effect
-Use vertical rockets at the end of the tabellon e Level 49 Collect 14 cherries and Lay 66 carpets -Use the combos to free the rockets in the jelly
: the elements that fall at the bottom of the table return to the top
– Allow to reposition the power ups through the portals
-Save a Rainbow Explosion to be combined with an upgrade
-Focus on the cherry harvest Level 50 Collect 18 Cherries and Collect 2 Donuts – Another wind on board, use the wind to re-position your power-ups
-Combina power-ups near the block of jelly
-Not all the chains must be eliminated to win
-Once again saves a rainbow ball for a combo
– Focus on the cherries, then the donut Level 51 Collect 32 apples – Make matches or combos to free the apples
-Save some explosives for combos Li vello 52 Lay 83 Carpets and Collect 32 Aples -First laying the carpets on each box of apples
-Independent grows a box of apples and spreads of carpets
-Once a pair of boxes of apples being cleaned you can spread the carpet Level 53 Lay 84 Carpets -It is necessary to create a rainbow ball and combine it with an upgrade
-This will unlock corners where you can start rolling out the carpet
-Save bombs and power-ups to combine
-Wait the bombs to be on the carpet to use
-Do not use a bomb if the carpet is laid around Level 54 Collect 16 apples and collect 17 cherries -As a side of the jelly to expose the apples
-Once the apple box is gone, the table will free
– You want 15 points for the second part of the level
– Use small combos on the box the apple, save the larger ones for the lower part of the board
– Authority for the second part of the level is to empty the apple box [19659163] Level 55 Collect 32 apples -Firstly focus on one side of the board
-Save horizontal rockets for the bottom of the board
-There are not many movements for this level, so take your time Level 56 Draw the carpets 91 and collect 4 donuts – Fire before emptying the board
-After enlarging the carpet
-We the board is completely covered and cleared, now you can collect the donuts
-To collect donuts make the combos below backboard Level 57 Collect 14 cherries and Lay 93 carpets -Focus on spreading carpet first above the edge
-Then free up to the center
-Combina a rainbow ball with an explosive for cleaning ire the board
-First laying the carpet, then concentrate on the cherries Level 58 Collect 3 donuts and collect 25 cherries -First, concentrate on moving the donuts through the portal, then delete cherries
-For the second stage, create large combos to eliminate jelly
-This is easy to clean the board, which will collect donuts Level 59 Collect 16 apples and collect 24 Cheries [19659003] -Draw the chains to get to the jelly
-Use a rocket to clean the middle line
– First one side of the apples, then the other
– Ignore the wind Level 60 [19659002] Collect 16 apples and deposit 70 carpets – Work the sides of the board at first to free the chains
-The break the boxes around the highest apples
-Combine a rainbow ball with an empowerment
-Use bombs near the apple box to spread the carpet and remove the objects