Idle Army Base Mod Apk 1.3.1 Unlimited Money and Stars

Features of Idle Army Base Apk Game for Android

Do you ever dream to be an Army officer? Or do you know how much struggle you need to do to become an Army? In this latest Idle Army Base Game, you are gonna explore and know all the secrets, the questions you ever imagined about them.

Earn money as you progress through the army training in your base and then manage the expansion of your camp, where you upgrade the value, speed, capacity and queue sizes of all the training areas. It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride, but with no room for lazy or idle cadets, you will love growing and upgrading your army base.

The main focus of this sport is, you have to train people in your Base to make them Army. After you give them proper training they will give you money. You can buy a new academy to train people in new buildings, and upgrade to make the process faster. Here are some short of upgrades you need to know.

  1. Training Value: If you upgrade this feature to an academy, you will earn more cash.
  2. Training Speed: It reduce the training speed to give new candidate new opportunity faster.
  3. Capacity: Number of cadets can training.
  4. Queue Size: Spaces in the queue.
  5. Epic Upgrades: It improve ares of your army base like – Training Value/Speed, Marching Speed, Bonus Bus Seats/Rate, Gate Speed etc.

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