Legend of Solgard review: A King-ly surprise

With good cause, people expect certain things from the new King games. Cute graphics, the word & # 39; saga & # 39; in the title and match-3 or some other simple puzzle mechanics are among them. Save for the Saga part, Legend of Solgard is at the height of any preconceived idea you may have, but what makes it both interesting and entertaining is how you get rid of those expectations and set yourself in separate directions.

 Legend of Solgard

If we are right, Legenda di Solgard is not revolutionary from the point of view of the genre. There have been any number of match-3 role-playing games on mobile devices in the past, some of them quite good and some pretty meh. What makes this different is the way it removes the idea of ​​combining symbols on a chessboard to enhance characters or activate their abilities and instead makes the characters themselves the things that fit, also turning each lane on the chessboard into something crucial for any particular battle.

This might seem like a lot to turn heads, but one of the most beautiful parts of this particular game is the way everything that presents becomes intuitive very quickly. Each level presents you with a portal that generates enemies or a great boss monster to defeat. Doing this means matching three of the same type of troop – color-coded to keep at least one of the combination 3 traditions intact – in the correct column or columns, making sure to defeat the enemies before too much damage is done to your avatar. Each move counts, as you only have three moves before the enemies attack, one of which can drop the troops you’ve already used on the battlefield randomly, giving you more options.

On this simple but fascinating structure, Legend of Solgard refers to many other concepts, albeit at a pace that never seems too much at once. Some of your troops can become even more powerful by combining them in specific forms or with more than three characters, but there are usually compromises like waiting for an extra turn to attack. Do you need to defend instead of attacking to buy the time? Matching three as troops on a row instead of a vertical column turns them into barriers to absorb the damage.


RPG elements also have a pleasant depth. Each type of character you can fight for your part can be improved to make them stronger or to unlock special attacks and abilities. There are several “classes” of troop types, which allow you to have some flexibility in terms of how you put your strength together. Even your avatar is a full-fledged character and can be leveled to help in battle more directly as he grows in power. There’s even the ability to discover once you’ve advanced far enough, along with dungeons and guilds.

With a plot rooted in Nordic mythology, the developers at Snowprint Studios have infused everything with a very particular artistic style and a general aesthetic that does nothing. t immediately recall anything on the mobile phone first. And at the same time it is a lot of King that is not exactly what the company has served previously, which could also be said of the game as a whole
 Legend of Solgard

Of course, since Legend of Solgard is a free-to-play title, it comes with some of the usual traps. The new troops must be unlocked by collecting their gems and you are a little at the mercy of the gacha spirits when it comes to getting some. An energy system limits your gaming sessions and, even if it is not very restrictive as you take your first steps into the game world, there is certainly the potential to get it to the bottom.

Perhaps the highest compliment that could be paid to Legend of Solgard is that it is not what is presumed to be just listening to the genre in which it is inserted. It has something to offer to all types of mobile players, from very casual to much more serious, and should broaden the definition of a King title in addition to what we have known for years.