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Info of Mini Football – Mobile Soccer Game for Android

Experience football like never before, in this fresh and easy to play a football game. In Mini Football you will enjoy a casual gameplay experience, while still remaining loyal to the original game. It’s time for you to get the crowds roaring in the stadiums, score some amazing screamers, and build the strongest team that ever existed!

Pick Up and Play

Welcome to the first casual experience of football. Mini Football has a casual pick up and plays feel that still remains true to the original sport. No need to waste time on endless mechanics, just pick it up and jump straight into the action!

Build, Upgrade and Customize Your Team

In Mini Football you will be able to win players, from common to epic ones, and upgrade them to turn your team into the most feared opponents on any pitch. Not only can you build your team, but you will also be able to fully customize it to your image with more than 100 customizable options from:

  1. Unique logos, jerseys, shorts, socks, and boots,
  2. Over 30 unique country kits,
  3. Personalize your gameplay experience by choosing the ball you prefer,
  4. Name your team.

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