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Are you seeking for a solution to assist you in effectively managing your phone files? Or are you unsure which tools to employ to help you edit an apk for a strong app? Today, I’ll tell you about an app that will alleviate all of your troubles. It will assist you in managing and altering files or documents in the most orderly and reasonable manner possible. The software is named MT Manager apk, and it belongs to the Tools category. It was created by the Lin Jin Bin family. This post will assist you in better understanding MT Manager apk and selecting the best software to meet your needs.

You can use this app to work on your phone. It’s a powerful file manager as well as an apk editor. If you’re not sure what an apk is, allow me to explain: Apk is a file type for the Android operating system that is used to instal software or programmes that are not already installed on the smart phone or tablet. A file is a grouping of linked data that has been encrypted and saved in external memory. Its primary functions include text editing, programme modification, app translation, and file management. By copying, moving, or deleting files, the application assists you with file management. If you have the Root MT privilege, you can access the system folder. You can delete, move, add, and replace files in ZIP files like WinRAR without having to decompress or repackage them.

Features :

  • Mode 1: Portrait (landscape only in places)
  • Client for FTP
  • Viewing the VIP’s java source code
  • Keystore and jks VIP signatures are supported.
  • History of searches in XML files
  • In arsc, you can search by ID.
  • In the translator, there is support for many dictionaries (UTF-8 without BOM) VIP
  • Adding and removing localizations
  • Transfer of unique strings to the desired localization in a short amount of time
  • Operation in batches (delete, copy, move, rename)
  • Signature of an APK (disabled by default)
  • APK cloning is a technique for cloning APKs.
  • APK optimization
  • Encryption of APKs
  • Putting together a backup (.bak)
  • In arsc, there is a convenient colour change.
  • List of Current Activations
  • WiFi access from afar
  • Fix VIP files with ARSC DEX Editor DEX
  • Syntax highlighting in a text editor
  • Text files up to 500 kb can be compared.
  • Yandex Translator and Google VIP

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