Mud. Dirt. Rocks. Multiplayer. Trucks. Customizations. Diesel swaps. Quads. Crawlers. SxS. Free. It goes on and on. Stop reading, just download now!
Offroad Outlaws gives you what you want in an off-road game: Complete control over how you build, setup, and drive your rig, tons of challenges to complete, and multiplayer so you can explore the trails on the open-world maps with your friends.


  • Explore the trails with your friends or other players, or battle it out in the capture-the-flag mode! Race up
  • mountains, rock trails, or through rivers with friends!


  • You build your rig the way you want it. You have total control over chassis setup – stiffness, damping, travel,
  • etc… and can even swap to a different type of suspension if you want (want a modern truck with an I-Beam
  • setup in front, and a solid axle in back? No problem.) For vehicle control you’re given Tilt, Arrow, or on-screen
  • Steering wheel controls. You choose!


  • With several open world maps to choose from you can drive your rig slow across challenging rock routes, or
  • fast over the flat sands of the desert. Want to take a break from the trails? Go play in the stunt park where you
  • can use the ramps to “test” your rig’s durability, or test your drivings skills in the Rock Park.


  • Steering after winching fix
  • More power added to all rigs both stock and modified
  • Multiplayer trail racing
  • Can now rebuild the field find (fixed issue with finding all parts)
  • Winch to other trucks
  • 2 new crawlers
  • Dirtbikes
  • Totally new physics (might have to retune a bit!)
  • Tweaked speed calculation
  • Manual Transmission & E-Brake
  • New mods for SxSs
  • New (way better) tires
  • New options for colors on wheels, beadlocks, cages, and protection plates.


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