PUBG Mobile: When Exactly Is Season 4?

PUBG Mobile: When Exactly Is Season 4?

Any PUBG player knows he has only a certain number of days to get the most out of the season. There are 100 levels for a Royale Pass in PUBG, which means you have to play a lot if you want to get to the top without spending more of your hard cold money. But enough with the technical aspects, let's talk about the fourth season.

When will it start exactly?

Well, a typical PUBG season lasts three months, which means next season should start on November 18th. The second season ended on August 18th, or three months ago, so this means that the third season will end in a few days. As with all the items you've already unlocked, they should stay with you for the next season. If you did not reach all the Royale Pass items or you got the most from the Halloween event, this is your last chance, the 18th will change everything.


For those of you who do not know how a new season in PUBG works let me explain exactly what changes and what to expect this season.

What happens when the season changes?

When a new season begins, players start with a blank slate so to speak, as far as the Royale Pass is concerned. The rankings will also be reset, which means there will be a new wave of players as everyone hurries to reach the summit. When the season ends, a reward is normally distributed to all players. This prize is normally quite small and is influenced by the degree to which you are as an individual, so high-level players can expect some special cases and clothing, while low-level players should expect some basic coffers or a few thousand BP.


What happens to my degree?

What normally happens in PUBG Mobile is your degree, which lowers a little when a new season begins. This is to restore the camp as some people end up in places that should not be. This means that good players will have to recover the position they were in, which should not be too difficult. However, this means that some good players have fallen lower than they should be, so do not be upset if you're struggling at the start of the new season, these players will pass soon.


Will the gameplay change?

Well, this is a difficult question to answer because, recently, there was a Halloween update, but it did not add anything new to the game over aesthetics. So it could be a safe assumption that some new weapon or vehicle could be on the horizon. Traditionally, there is a small change at the start of a season of PUBG regarding gameplay. Normally, the fund prizes change, and the store will have new items, but the gameplay is unlikely to change much.