PUBG Mobile - When will Sanhok launch on iOS and Android?

PUBG Mobile – When will Sanhok launch on iOS and Android?

Any true PUBG fan has wondered when Sanhok will make an appearance on our mobile devices. For those of you in China, that moment has already arrived. For the rest of the world, that moment will come soon.

Soon? How soon!

Good question, well, the truth has been said no exact date has been revealed. However, our sources seem to indicate that it will be released on the 0.8 update. It has been confirmed some time that Sanhok will be released in the third season, which started yesterday. Therefore, it is safe to assume that this update is scheduled for September.

For those of you who do not know what Sanhok has to offer, let me explain.


The fans of The PUBG series will know all about the hectic action that Sanhok has to offer. To begin with, the size of the map is considerably smaller, which means that the spaces between looting and striking people are reduced. This allows playing times to be much shorter, as well as spending more time firing and less time looting.

Just to give you a sense of scale, the other maps of PUBG Mobile are eight kilometers by eight kilometers. Sanhok is four for four kilometers, so half the size of the other available maps, Erangel and Miramar.

Sanhok is based on the region of Southeast Asia, a region famous for its time and tropical islands that change rapidly, and this is not different in PUBG. daylight cycle, which allows an even more immersive feeling while tapping buildings in the night.

If a compact and action-packed map is not enough for you, there are plenty of exclusive items you can get your hands on. The exclusive is a new weapon called QBU. The QBU is a DMR with a perfect bipod for medium-range sniping when it is prone.

So if Sanhok is coming, what else has yet to appear in PUBG Moile?


One of the funniest aspects of PUBG on PC or XBOX was to review the game from the victim's point of view. Replays offered not only a fun but also educational experience. There were many times when I looked at a replay and I saw an enemy at some point I had never thought of or a certain style of play I had never seen before. For example, leaving some med-kits or other enticing loot outside the trap.


The PUBG playback system is probably one of the best out there. There are special features that include a player list and an X-ray mode that makes playback of replays quickly and easily. It's easy to switch to another player's POV and position the camera freely for some drama.

Overall, the playback system is just one of the features that mobile is missing, but it is an impressive feature to have. It seems that a playback system is a standard requirement for most modern shooters, so we hope to see it soon added on the phone.

What would you like to see added to PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments below.