QKSMS – Open Source Messenger v3.6.7 [Plus] [Latest]

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Remember when text messaging was like magic?
QKSMS (pronounced Q-K-S-M-S) brings a refreshingly modern, beautiful and responsive touch to the stale state of text messaging. In a world with clunky SMS apps and dated alternatives, QKSMS is something to get excited about. We’re making texting magical again.
We pay as much attention to detail in building QKSMS as you would in texting a crush after your first date: you’ll be making sure all your emojis and punctuation are in the right place, and we’ll be making sure you love every second of it.
Try QKSMS right now: Tap “Install” above.
* Theming: 19 beautiful colors to choose from.
* Night mode: Easy on your eyes, and (in some cases) your battery.
* QKReply: Reply to messages faster than ever.
* MMS: For when text just doesn’t cut it.
* Group messaging: So tell all your friends!
* No ads: We will never show ads. Ever.
* Literally anything else you want: We work on QKSMS every day of the week. If you have any ideas or feedback, join our Google+ community (see below) and help us make QKSMS even more incredible!


  • Added
  • Improved emoji support
  • Improved
  • Organized settings menu
  • Reduced apk size by ~70%
  • Fixed
  • Can’t send or receive MMS on LG devices
  • Avatar in conversation doesn’t respect conversation theme color
  • Sending message doesn’t unarchive conversation
  • Compose message box will cover up recent messages if multiple lines of text are written
  • Compose message box grows too tall


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QKSMS – Open Source Messenger v3.6.7 [Plus] APK / Link / Link / Link

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