Yes, it's another game .io, but quite conveniently considering the current weather, is a snow-covered wonderland. A wonderland full of little snow plows pushing around snowballs.

As always in a competitive game, it can be a bit difficult to win games consistently. Do not be afraid, however, by following these tips, tricks and strategies and you will have problems with "snowfall". Take it? (Sorry)

  • Last Man Standing The aim of the game is to be the last snow plow man – do not grow the biggest snowball. Remember this and play accordingly.
  • Eliminate the Weak A good tactic is generally to avoid conflict in the central part of a game – waiting for everyone to take each other – but the beginning Games can also be a good time to chase others when the arena is still big enough to hit and not fall.
  • Red Zone When the ground starts to turn red it is about to melt, but often you have little more than you could think of before it completely disappears. So do not panic if you end up in a red zone, as there is usually time to juggle safely.

  • Into the red Red zones can also be used to your advantage. Just crush an opponent in one when he is about to disappear – this is a simple way to reduce the playing field.
  • It's a joke in the snow The bigger the snowball is, the more dangerous it is – and the other opponents will fly away once it hits them. However, making a too big ball makes you slower, so you'll be wide open to be attacked by faster nippier opponents. So make sure you find a good balance between a not too big snowball and a big snowball.
  • Standings on The better you do in a game, the more points you earn – and then you can get higher grades. This will allow you to receive updates including new skins. These are largely aesthetic though, so do not get involved with them.

  • Build the game In the middle of a game – when your opponents fly away from the arena to the right and left – you may want to go to a quieter area of ​​the map to build your snowball. Usually there is a place you can find with a few, if any, people – often at one of the edges of the arena.
  • Attack Launch You can simply place your snowball in your opponents, but you can also shoot them – stopping you can see your ball take off like a bullet. It is often difficult to hit opponents with smaller balls (ahem), but firing with a larger one can cause chaos in the middle of the arena.
  • Never give up Even if you're hit by a snowball it's often not the end for you. This is because you can move while you are in the air, so try to move away from the edge of the arena when you find yourself darting to a possible death. You could simply survive.
  • Collision Course Snowballs can be thrown through the arena, as stated above, but this may mean that you can find more than those that bounce. So make sure you keep the balls flying around (again, ahem) and make sure you do not end up on a collision course with them.

Have a look at for yourself now on the App Store and Google Play.