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Temp Mail mod apk (Premium)

Using the Latest Temp Mail MOD APK v2.64 app, you’ll be able to immediately generate disposable temporary email addresses and instantly obtain emails, with images or other things attachments.

Forget about revealing your actual e-mail to everybody. It causes countless spam, advertising mailings, e-mail hacking, and phishing attempts. Keep your actual inbox clear and safe. Temp Mail gives a temporary, nameless, free, disposable e-mail address in a 10minute mail style.


  • Generate a brand new e-mail address immediately
  • Copy to clipboard or utilizing QR-code
  • Receive emails and attachments automatically
  • Get push notification of recent emails
  • Read incoming emails, together with attachments
  • Download sources (EML), together with attachments
  • Quickly delete and/or generate new e-mail addresses
  • Custom e-mail names
  • Multiple mailboxes
  • In-app emails view
  • Premium domains
  • Extended e-mail storage
  • No advertisements


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