The Room of 2 Monsters v1.3 (Paid)

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The Room of 2 Monsters v1.3 (Paid) Requirements: 5.1 Overview: The Room of 2 Monsters is a puzzle game, but most of the puzzles are psychological, forcing players to make choices that can change who the character is.

In more detail, it’s the type of person you’re looking for evidence and deciding who to trust and help, and people you don’t believe in will get a certain tragic outcome. Each of your choices will change the puzzle in the game, changing the direction of the game. The character’s journey will be bright or dark, it all depends on what you want.

Only Vietnamese language is available in the game at the moment. If you buy the game and don’t see an option to switch the language to English, stay tuned because an update that brings English to the game will be coming soon.

Some scenes in the game may be a bit scary and scary for some players, although The Room of 2 Monsters is not a horror game.

The story is about two close friends who played since childhood as Jack and Henry. One day, Jack suddenly disappears strangely, leaving Henry with only a piece of paper: “Go find me inside the forest, there is one thing I need to tell you”. Standing in front of a broken window covered in blood of Jack, Henry decided to go deep into the forest to find out what happened to his only close friend.

• Dark comedy, satirical comedy
• The battle system is both used for fighting and skewing NPCs
• Riddles always have lots of solutions but they are definitely the first one you will try, and you will only try it once and for all.
• You can do the opposite of what the NPC wants you to do (with consequences)
• Whatever you want to be (with consequences)
• Many endings. Every path you choose will lead you where you deserve to be
• Some puzzles will vary depending on your actions.
• Play offline after downloading

The game was designed and developed by Sang Hendrix.

What’s New:
e less laggy on low-profile machines
• Fixed a bug where throwing a bottle of butterflies outside the cave would show 2 Fox
• Fixed a bug where speech lines sometimes automatically fast-forward without touching the screen
• Change game title
• Changes in Gloria challenge: Now if you die you will no longer be able to perform challenges
• Add alerts to players at the beginning of the game
• Save the game by one extra slot
• Move the knife use button further than the interactive keys to avoid accidental clicks, resulting in npc inadvertently killing

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