Zynga is working on two Star Wars games for mobile

Zynga is working on two Star Wars games for mobile

Zynga has announced two new Star Wars games for mobile devices. However, shut up exactly what you will do with the license.

In a very distant galaxy

You can find footage of Star Wars Commander above, an existing mobile title based on the science fiction space above.

If the two titles Zynga have in the developing oven will be similar to this point is not very known – but we will be one of these will be a Gacha Cutsey-style role-playing game.

Zynga Star Wars

This news follows the recent announcement of a partnership between Zynga and Disney, with the former now holding exclusive rights to create and release Stars Wars-based games for mobile devices

Another element of this news is that Zynga will manage the ongoing development for the already mentioned Star Wars: Commander .

We could actually get clues about what plans there are for Star Wars on mobile devices via updates for that game. Which you can download on the App Store and Google Play now, if you wish.